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Project Description

Imagine having a portal that publishes at least 10 new articles per day, to be consumed for 30K users.

Then constantly running online campaign to promote content engagements, from online quizzes, crossword puzzle, photo & voting contents. Even a yearly American-Idol-like music band competition.

The portal provides incentives for users to share contents and increase engagement. For each activity, the users will earn some points, which later can be exchanged for merchandise.

For any site with such incentives, there always users, who tried to cheat the system. In order to enforce the rule, we implement 'signature-like' solution, to prevent script automation.

For every user activity, the admin can inspect the activity log to monitor progress of the campaign.

The platform is built on top of Wordpress for general publishing needs, while being combined with ALPHA for user and campaign management.

Since using ALPHA, the developer team can reduce the amount of time to develop new campaign. In addition, the ready-mage UI interface also speed up the admin panel reporting dashboard.

Without dashboard, campaign administrators can't reach fast enough for campaign that only run for few days. It is sometime necessary to monitor progress, just in case tweaks are necessary during the campaign duration to increase engagement level.