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Pandegiling 209, 2nd Floor
Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

+62 31 561 5620


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If you think you are qualified for one of the position, you may apply right away from the job board. Alternatively, you can also send your application via email to career@hellomorra.com, specifically.

In general, we require the followings from an individual:
  • Always following given instructions
  • Team players
  • Problem solvers
  • DisciplineĀ 
  • Creative
  • Attention to details
  • Up to date with the latest trends
  • Proficient in English
The following documents (in proper format) must be available within the application emails to be considered for the position:
  • Cover Letter - Explain why you should fit the job (we hate generic cover letter, be creative to get our attention.)
  • CurriculumĀ Vitae - We need your profile, education background, employment history and some projects you have worked on. Attach your photograph.
  • Portfolio - If you are applying for (web) designers position, please include top 10 of your best work in PDF format.

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